Strategy Day

support and consulting on strategic decisions

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What is it about?

It consists in one or more half-day meetings during which two or three strategic issues are dealt with through the Management-Organizational Constellations group approach.

Who is it for?

It is for entrepreneurs or top managers who ponder issues like organizational structure, business decisions, project monitoring, startups, or cultural changes strategically.

What are its specific goals?

Widening or checking the business vision, recognizing systemic strengths, investigating team capability to face new projects or products and identifying actions needed for success, exploring the energy conditions of the different organizational levels, carrying out in-depth reflections.

What skills will be acquired?

In this case, clients will above all gain intuitions and insights into unconsidered viewpoints and energies blocking a certain project together with the practical directions to unblock it as well as the recognition of limiting beliefs and the ability to bring about change and innovation. This path is advice through the Systemic Approach rather than mere coaching.

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