Anurag Rocco Gaeta

no-effort management: an oxymoron?
No, a work and life project

My life has been marked by changes. Change is possible only if
there is self-observation. It is the first piece of the large
puzzle each of us is. Without change, we are bound to live a
mechanical life lacking any creative

Since I was young, I have been searching for what I really am – my
true self – even when I have held positions of high
responsibility. And to pursue this search I have used
meditation techniques.

Meditation is the way to discover who you really are. You keep
observing yourself until you can say: “Eureka!”. And each “Eureka”
marks a change in you that takes you more and more in touch with
your inner resources.

Each of us is an endless world to be discovered and
expressed. The women and men undertaking this path to the discovery of their own resources and inner world with me have never turned round and gone back, as they feel, even when facing difficulties, that they increasingly become the main characters of their life and are readier to take risks and trust their intuition.

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Self-Observation and Observing your environment

In 2000 I came across an approach known as Systemic Representations or Constellations. Later, I studied its application to Organizations and Teams. A passion was born. I also came to realize that I could express myself through this method. Since then, I have combined self-observation with the observation of complex systems. I teach how to deal with complex realities from an individual and systemic perspective. I teach how to be aware of the laws governing Systems and Human Beings.

That is why...

In 2004 no-effort management® was born. It sums up my understandings. 

Today I am a systemic coach, a trainer-transformer of team dynamics, a guide supporting your growth in life and at work. In particular, I’m specialized in Organizational and Management Constellations, Family Constellations, personal and organizational change, and Mindfulness. I have been among the first to believe in the transformative power of Systemic Constellations in organizations. I have also designed a special kind of Constellation: the Constellation of the Five Elements, which combines the systemic approach with the Taoist approach. I deeply love Taoist principles and Zen practices and I share both of them in the paths I offer. Now, just to complete my professional profile… I have a degree in Business Administration accomplished at Bocconi and a ten-year long work experience in Human Resources for Il Sole 24 Ore Group and as HR Manager for Class Editori Group.