Hello, I'm Anurag Rocco Gaeta

Zen Coach & Family Business Advisor

Discover the keys and the paths to make all your, your company or your team potential flourish.

Enhancing Business, Enhancing Life

through Self-Observation and Systemic Thinking

The focus of no-effort management interventions is understanding how to restore strength and quality to everyday actions in order to create a solid basis for future growth and development.

Evident or dormant conflicts, limiting beliefs, personal or systemic blocks, ineffective relationships: these are some of the issues we find solution to, helping increase attention and responsiveness.

Success happens when we can go deep, find the source of confidence in ourselves, improve relationships and eliminate sources of stress.

Transforming and Transforming oneself

Our growth paths support change and transformation.

This is what the hundreds of people that have met us have
experienced – whether managers, entrepreneurs or professionals from
various fields.

Our skill is to awaken dormant energies in individuals and
organizations so that they can express their highest potential effortlessly, thus
gaining actual efficacy and a clear vision.