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Sharing knowledge and a way of living

This is what we have done with the hundreds of people – managers, businessmen and professionals from various fields – who have approached our paths of personal growth.

Our skill is to awaken dormant energies in individuals and organizations, so that they can express their highest potential.

This is the commitment we have first of all made to ourselves: living life totally, even facing obstacles with calm and determination. Inside of you or in your organization, there are already all the necessary resources in order to live life as an adventure, even in very difficult periods. It’s our task to help you express them fully.


A.R. Gaeta (Click here to see the biography)

Systemic consultant and management trainer, he graduated in business economics at Bocconi and is an expert in organizational and working dynamics.

He developed his career working in the area of human resources for various national publishing enterprises, first as specialist and then as HR Manager.

A specialist in organizational and managerial constellations, he is among the major promoters of this method in Italy.

His interest in Taoist principles has led him to develop an approach inspired to the concept of “effortless doing”.

S. Marchesi (Click here to see the biography)

She graduated in Psychological and Social Sciences and specialized in NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Star Sapphire Energywork; later, she also specialized in Family and Organizational Constellations.

She is co-founder of No-Effort Management®. She has led workshops and trainings in these disciplines for many years in Italy, in Europe and all over the world.

Years ago, she had an important managerial role in a great organization and this allowed her to get to know and understand the world of companies.

She deals with deconditioning, communication, interpersonal relations, family dynamics and meditation.

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