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Proposing and implementing solutions

Our consulting interventions aim at supporting our clients to accomplish their significant projects.

We deal with projects of vital importance: how to face a crisis while keeping motivation high; how to choose among alternative action lines according to the systemic laws and avoid wrong moves; or how to achieve a cultural change in the company, when the company culture has become a growth-limiting factor. Our intervention can also help assessing strengths and weaknesses of a business strategy, underlining favourable systemic interdependencies and showing environmental obstacles, which standard analyses are not able to assess.

Our support is useful also when the client realizes that the connection with the goal has been lost and persons are exclusively relation-oriented. We can look into the causes intrinsic to a certain business culture and bring dysfunctional attitudes to light.

In addition, our consultancy is useful to prepare succession in family businesses, healing the influences – derived from the family of origin – that constrain business action.

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