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Avoiding automatic responses

Observing ourselves means being able to observe how we behave, how we relate to people and to the world, and how automatically we respond to specific stimuli.

Self-Observation is a combination of methods used to bring our behaviour patterns to light. By observing ourselves, we lay the basis for change. Automatism is a reaction resulting from past experience rather than triggered by present situations. Being already known, automatic responses make us feel safe, whereas they only prevent us from being creative and innovative and benefiting as much as possible from the situations we are dealing with.

Working and managing effortlessly means getting rid of automatism. This result can be achieved through constant attention to ourselves and to our presence, to managing emotions and effectively managing thoughts.

A manager who is able to observe him/herself is more relaxed, communicates better, manages conflicts more effectively, is focused on goals rather than on relations, negotiates better. He/she is a self-confident manager.

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