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Our intervention is solution-oriented. The results of a system arise from how the actors interact with one another and with the surrounding environment. Interrelations depend also on company culture. Our action is based on changing interaction modalities while taking into consideration both individual and cultural variables. Our attention is not focused on searching for problem causes: in nowadays complex situations, they can be manifold and difficult to detect and interpret.

We focus on systemic relations and on changing the interrelations between system members. In fact, a problematic situation is an unsuccessful attempt to adjust to environmental complexity. Adjustment is successful if it follows the systemic rules of order, belonging and balance, which are definitely violated in most dysfunctional situations.

The merit of systemic approach is to be phenomenological; in other words, it is not based on standard models, but it dives into the company culture – respecting it – and recognizes that each organism has in itself the intelligence and the information needed to survive and prosper.

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